the irony of Labor Day

Labor Day.

It's 8:45 in the morning. I know I am not the only person working, right?

I mean, there has to be another woman working, away from her family and friends this holiday.

Or maybe there's a mom that is not not in bed, sipping her coffee and indulging in a good read before her sleeping house awakes.

Or in the truest sense of labor, I'm sure there's a mom or two out there (Godmother2Amara, have you popped yet?!) laboring in maternity rooms around the country.

Fortunately, I'll be sneaking out in a bit since no one's around to call me out on my early exit. But the greatest irony? I'm going home to do housework. Grrr.
today's good: My allergies seem to be subsiding. They moved from a sinus-y, clogged up mess to just a horrendous cough that resonates throughout my body. I guess that's good.
today's bad: Did I mention that I'm working while everyone and their mother has the day off?


  1. Lowmaintenancedad is right there with you and is at work too! And I was just thinking about how funny it would be if I went into labor on labor day....alas, I don't think she's wanting to leave my warm tummy just yet.....

  2. My daughter does not get the Labor Day holiday concept. Just another day of labor, here!

  3. I'm actually NOT working today, but don't feel bad! I have to work all day every Saturday, and I will most likely be working on either Thanksgiving or Christmas as well! :(


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