the little things

A benefit of being a working mom is all the SWAG I receive.

A Spongebob bobblehead accompanied me home Monday. Yesterday, I drove with an Island Princess.

Do I need the extra clutter? No.

Does Amara have enough possessions to fill a Toys R Us twice over? Yes.

But the girl loves her Barbies. And Amara adores Sponge.

Each time, she has surprised me with her reaction when I've come home like a walking treasure trove.

"Mom, what's my suprise? [pause] Wow! Awesome!"

If only I could get that response when I put away her clean laundry. Or how about when I make it on time to pick her up from school? There's no enthusiasm even though my arrival took great feats.

The editor of House and Garden asked in a recent issue if parents think their children notice all the things they do for them?

She says the "smallest gestures [are the ones] that contain the greatest love."

It's not the DVD that Amara will remember 20 years down the road. (Although I'm willing to bet Barbie will get me out of some jams in the upcoming weeks.) Amara will look back on her childhood and hopefully cherish our nighttime ritual of storybooks and snuggling. Or maybe she'll realize why I insist on a hug and a kiss when she steps foot in the house.

Yes, Amara may not notice the little things - cartoon characters may speak louder to her now. But all we as parents can do is continue to shower our children with the love and generosity we hope they will exhibit when they too become parents.

How about you? Do you think your kids notice everything you do for them?


  1. Sweetie got an Island Princess Barbie for her birthday... she love it! :)

    I think she notices... her dad continually reminds her that he works so we can afford to buy her the things she needs/wants. She frequently says, "Thank you" (albeit with some helpful reminders) and has even said, "I appreciate you working hard for us."


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