tie one on

Sorry for not being around lately. Allergies are a bi-otch.

I have also neglected to share with all of you some big news for our family. Mom2Amara is now the wife of the director of graduate studies for the historic preservation program at a local university. Dad2Amara is soooooo smart.

So to go along with his fancy-dancy new fandangled title, Dad2Amara needed a new wardrobe. And that was OK by me since I still have fantasies of losing 20 or 30 pounds before buying anything new for my closets.

Seriously though, who knew how many people Dad2Amara would be expected to meet and greet. He's big time now. Not only is he teaching but he's rubbing shoulders with some acadmic elites and he is presenting at a national conference next month. Wow.

But I digress.

So by buying everything the blonde saleslady suggested making a few purchases, that meant he needed to purge some unpleasant ugly fashion faux pas items already in his closet.

We started with this. I don't think he's planning on any Mafia dinners any time soon.

And I don't think Dad2Amara will be stomping at any wineries in the upcoming months so I felt good letting this one go.

If you happen to be visiting Cleveland soon and need a map, this one's available. (Seriously, there's a street map behind the buildings.)

Oh, and Dad2Amara, the 1990's called. They want their tie back.

And the third grader down the street left a message. He wants his tie back too.

I'm going to go back and crawl into bed again. My sinuses are killing.
today's good: Lolo and Lola2Amara, Aunt2Amara and Uncle2Amara came by the Yellow House today. Amara loves when they visit.
today's bad: How many Sudafeds can I take without it being considered an overdose?


  1. Ugh. Feel better soon.
    and the ties - did he part with them willingly?

  2. Congratulations Dad2Amara on the new job, but not on those horrendous ties! :-)

  3. LaurieYeah, Dad2Amara was not to keen on the idea of parting with anything. But I actually snuck the baseball tie back into his tie rack. I felt guilty.

  4. I see on today's post you're feeling a little better. That's great, you didn't sound too hot on the phone the other day. This post cracked me up, are you testing the waters of stand-up comedy or at least venturing into comic blogs? Great stuff!

  5. ...those ties needed to go. :)

  6. Wow!! Congratulations to Dad2Amara. How wonderful.

    The Mafia tie is very retro!


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