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Makita tagged me for the middle name meme. Dana did one too. Participants basically list one fact/word that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.

I was going to skip out on this one because I have a middle name that didn't even rank in the top 1000 for popular baby names.

Talk about feeling insignificant.

And my middle name is really long in length so this would end up being a meme that would take more thought than usual.

But I'm up for the challenge. Even if it takes me days to compose.

So, you ever meet a Filipino with a French middle name?


Ambivalent. So conflicted. Drama right now surrounds life. Work. Family. Health. And I am unsure of which path to follow.

Nonchalant. Even in the face of uncertainty and self doubt, my attitude remains laissez-faire. What will happen will happen. God has a plan.

Targeting flab. Gotta love my personal trainer. I feel healthier with each passing day. Now hoping the scale will reflect some success.

Opinionated. I no longer have a filter. Age and experience in the workplace has erased any tact.

Idealistic. I may be carefree. But I still pray hope my desires are met. One can try for dreams before practicality, right?


Emotional. A tear, with each decision, falls. Joy. Sadness. Hormones are raging.

Tenacious. Even with drama, I stay steadfast, strong.

Tired. My body is not biding well with the 3:30 alarms and three hour sleeps at night.

Employed. But hopefully with more money in sight.

The whole "relevent" element of this meme forced me to put into words how I feel this. very. second. Quite liberating.

How about you? What's your middle name?


  1. I am a...

    F -- earless,
    R -- esolute,
    E -- nergetic,
    Z -- oo lover.

    My sister is a...

    F -- abulous,
    R -- espectful,
    E -- nergy-less,
    Z -- ygote. As in she's tiny.

    We have the same middle name.

  2. That's too much brain power for me... my middle name is Francezca. Too long to think right now.

    And Karmela - what's with siblings with the same first name? Kate and I are both Anna's!

  3. I'm a zygote?!

    Sunshine, you and Kate are both Anna? I didn't know that...

  4. Age and experience erasing tact! I love that!

  5. not telling. sorry.

    but if you email me I will tell you. lol

  6. You put some thought into your adjectives! Kudos. :)


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