whatcha buy me?

Happy blogoversary to me!

Actually the sentiment is a bit belated. With the hubbub of the last week, I missed my blogoversary by two days. Damn. Late to my own wedding. And now can't even remember the birth of being Mom2Amara.

I feel obligated to say that I've progressed since my first post. But honestly, the bitterness remains.

Traditional first year anniversaries call for a gift of paper. Ironic, eh, considering the technology used to blog.

But seriously. Send cash. Or cool stationery. Magazine subscriptions work too. Feel free to shower me with presents :)


  1. Hey, we started around the same time! Cool. I consider it a great achievement when you set out to do what you wanted to do. And documenting your life takes time, energy, and commitment.

    You should be very happy. Give yourself a celebration.


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