your child, the CEO

At a time when I question whether Amara needs a sibling and it seems everyone around me is preggers, I see this article.

Talk about sibling rivalry.

Then I ask (jokingly), how could I not help Amara out in our her pursuit for a good job.

USA Today and the world's largest CEO organization surveyed business heads and nearly half off the respondents say they are first born children.

That includes the CEO of Baby Dagny and Avon.

So of course, now they conclude older siblings are reeking of CEO material.

Why is this?

If Amara had a sibling, this would mean she would be prone for boardroom greatness.

Is it because she's authoritative? Although, on the playground, I call that bossy.

Is it because she's assertive at school? But I bet her teachers would say that quality is more boisterous and opinionated.

She's has to have it her way anal retentive task oriented and loud extroverted.

Does this all make a great business leader?

Um, I'm the oldest. Do they see where I work?

Of course, the article goes to say birth order doesn't necessarily destine the eldest sibling to be CEO's. And it doesn't mean the CEO's that are first born are proficient in what they do.

So what do you think? Could your oldest child be a successful CEO? Or would another sibling take the task?

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  1. I fully expect my only child to grow up to be mistress of the universe!

  2. Hmmm...although the article definitely applies between me and my own sis, I don't think it will apply with my own kids. Although my 6-year old seems to be the more book-smart of the two, my 4-year old definitely seems a lot more street-savvy. She's the CEO material, I think. My 6-year old seems more like his dad, the accountant, and my 4-year old seems more like...Mini Me.

  3. applicable to my siblings and I (and I'm the eldest) :) ...
    doesn't apply to DH and his brothers (he's the youngest and is truly on the CEO track) ...
    too early to tell with my own 2 ...

  4. I think birth order is the biggest influence on personality - more so than nature or nurture.


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