a day of firsts

After weeks of drama, engagements, and vomit, there was a long line of firsts today for Mom2Amara and the family.

  • Amara became a princess...a Barbie princess for the first time. She still loves Cinderella, Jasmine, and Ariel. But she really wanted to be the island princess for her school's Halloween party today.

  • I walked into my new station for the first time today. I sat in my new newsroom and began a new chapter in my career. And if all goes well, my new office should be set up soon! Me! An office! Sure, I share the office with another manager. But oh. my. gawd. An office!

  • Because of my first day on the job, this afternoon marked Amara's first day with a new sitter. A lovely lady who is also picking Amara up after class. I had ever intention of calling shortly after school let out. But as we all know, life happened, and before I knew it - I was calling the sitter two hours later. Fortunately, there were no problems. And Amara adores her new caretaker.

  • Last but certainly not least...I ate food!! The other managers took me out to eat for lunch. I was cautious, eating mashed potatoes and some soup. But come dinnertime, I was ravished. And I hit the Mickey D drive thru with Amara. Bad? Yes. But it tasted so good! I needed some Tums afterwards but there were no stomach gymnastics tonight! I think I may be cured!
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    1. Glad your first day went well!!! This was such a poignant post.

      Amara looks totally adorable here.

      I also have an office that I'm sharing with another person! It's such a weird change from my old cubicle (that I miss!!!)

    2. Congrats on the first day going well! Amara looks amazing! Tell her she was a beautiful Island Princess for school.

    3. Congrats on a good day at the new office. :)

      Amara looks so sweet! My Sweetie is also a princess (she threw Aku - the shape-shifting master of darkness - out the window when she saw the Cinderella costume at Disneyland). I'm secretly very thankful. :)

      I actually like McDonald's... along with Quizno's... it's one of my favorite fast food restaurants. I just wish we could get a Happy Meal with those yummy snack wraps. :)

    4. Amara looks so pretty and grown up in her costume!


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