crying over spilled milk

Do you hear something? Yeah, that would be me crying, sniffling through the clothespin pinching my nose.

As I tossed myself groggily into my car this morning, there was an overwhelming stench radiating from the back of the mom-mobile. I recognized the smell. Amara had once spilled milk in the backseat and, fearing a scolding, did not tell Mom2Amara. A few days later, the rotten smell of spoiled dairy filled my car. It was that smell.

I sniffed the carpet in the back. Nope. I tried the upholstery. Not that either. Where the heck did Amara drop her milk?

In a rush to get to work (Why since I quit? I have no idea.), I drizzled some water and white vinegar in the back and drove down the driveway. Come afternoon, I found myself in my car again, gagging from the intense smell.

I have finally found the culprit. And I can't decide whether to kick myself for being so forgetful or cry because I don't know how to fix it.

A half gallon of skim milk that was picked up during my weekly grocery run snaked its way underneath my car's third row seating. It then was pierced by my golf umbrella that I keep in the trunk for emergencies. Apparently, the milk had been seeping into my car's carpet all weekend long.

Me being the non-domestic diva, I do not know how to operating my Bissell. Damn. Guess I should have been watching when Dad2Amara would clean up Amara's messes. And of course Dad2Amara is teaching after work and will not be home until past 10 p.m.

So let this be a lesson to all: It's OK to cry over spilled milk. Just make sure you catch it before it spoils in your trunk.


  1. eeew... that's a horrid smell. someone once spilled milk during a hot summer (no a/c) in our living room when I was a kid and the smell lingered for months. yuck!

  2. Oh, yuck! I bet that does smell vile! However, you got a great punch line out of it!

  3. Oh my! did you apologize to Amara for originally thinking it was her? I know I'd feel guilty. ;}

  4. What did you end up doing to get the smell out?

  5. Bleeeeeeh I can just smell it now! Maybe you can try making a whole bunch of baking soda paste and scrubbing the carpet with that? At least it will deoderize it!

  6. My solution for removing the stench of spoiled milk: white vinegar and water to neutralize the smell. Steam clean. Then air it out. It's taken 48 hours but now you can breathe deeply in the mom-mobile again!


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