I should be pink slipped

I should expect a pink slip soon. I won't be surprised. I could be fired for what I pulled this morning.

Taking two days off in a row, given my current situation, probably does not look too favorable.

But I had to do what I had to do. Amara's sick. Again. Fever's back. So is the phlegmy vomit.

Certain protocol must be followed. I chose not to wake my boss at 3:45 in the morning and called an already awake manager. Big no-no. I have yet to talk to my boss. Taking two days off for a child's sickness is all but acceptable. I could have lied and said I was now the one bedridden. But regardless of consequence, I am doing right by my daughter.

PBN asks: how far would you go for your kids?

Would I lie for Amara's safety? Would I break the law to insure her a better life? Would I bribe, cheat, and steal? Yes. Unequivocally. And I am certain there are mothers all over the globe who have.

My decision today may not register on the Richter scale to some. But the loss of one salary in our home would be earth shattering. And professionally, I'd like to still have good standing in the business.

But I have no regrets.

How far would you go for your kids?


  1. That is a tough one. And yes, you're doing the right thing. I hope she gets healthy soon, and you stay that way.

  2. It is definitely tough.

    I ended up having to give up my job for my child. And it frustrates me that so many people get reprimanded for doing things as you have: by being true to your mothering job.

  3. Let me guess - your boss has no children. He/she'd never understand.

  4. It would be their loss!!!!! And hey - maybe you can then pursue your other opportunity with a clear conscience.

  5. ok, in sf you are able to take paid time off to care for children. yeah, I feel the virtual smack coming my way....

    oh, and I left Ricky's father for him. Sean was (actaully still is) not a good man. one day I hope ricky understands.


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