it's not easy being green

I don't have Amara nagging me. Yet.

But I already feel some sense of responsibility to lead a green lifestyle. I'm just really bad at it.

It's not enough to bring a canvas bag to the market. Or to take my own cup to the coffee shop. Or to turn off the water while I brush my teeth.

So now I look for organic products. I read an environmentally friendly blog. Heck, I've suggested geothermal heating for our next home.

But I don't think I'm making a difference. And I'm now feeling like I'm doing my body and my family harm by openly inviting foreign substances and chemicals into our home. Seriously - even my beauty regime is at risk.

So what's a mom to do? Do you live a green lifestyle? Do you have easy tips to help jump start my family? Or are you like Dad2Amara - you believe that if your own mother used a certain product, then it must also be safe for your family?


  1. about 6 months ago we started composting... and to be honest it's easy but 2 weeks ago we started getting fruit flies and i now have a hate on for them. if you get reincarnated into a fuit fly, you have done something wrong in a previous life! yesterday i decided to stop composting and rid my kitchen of fruit flies as my hate is larger than my green at this moment.


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