mom missing in action

Amara's been searching for her mom. Dad2Amara's wondering where I've been too. I think they've put out an APB.

So where have I been?

  • preparing for my job move and station change

  • attempting to find a part time nanny because of said job change

  • hitting the gym at record pace since I've neglected my membership for the last two weeks

  • watching my beloved team blow it MLB playoffs

  • because of said playoffs, trying to figure out how to best ship pierogies to my cousin in Boston

I'm just catching up on blogs now. So what have you been doing?


  1. I will send my list of perogies to you later today. Not sure how to ship them but I cant wait to EAT them! hahahahaa

  2. also watching the stupid baseball playoffs & changing diapers & making bottles & not sleeping much!sometimes we stop by highmaintenancelola's house so highmaintenancemom & lowmaintenancedad can take a nap!


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