sleeping with the enemy

I heart food. I eat, sleep, and breathe food.

But right now, food is still the enemy. Proudly, I have graduated from wheat toast to plain bagels. And just today when I felt adventurous and bravely tried noodles, I spiraled back to breads.

I haven't had a true, delicious meal since last Sunday. I sadly drooled over a Travel Channel commercial showcasing Vietnamese cuisine on a lazy susan, until I realized the ad was for Bizarre Foods like snakes and snails. And even then, I thought, how bad could a little scorpion be?

While I should be readying myself for my new job, I am consumed by my desire to eat. Rather than perfecting my "first impression" as I walk into my new station, I am trying to figure out which handbag would best hide two bagels of 320 calorie goodness.

I have no doubt I'll have sweet dreams tonight of chocolate pecan pie and fettuccine alfredo.

But sleeping with the enemy has some perks. I did try on some pants that once were snug and now fit. But I find myself in a quandary. My catch 22? I went to the gym and lasted only 45 minutes. No food means no energy. No energy means an abbreviated workout that does nothing for my J-Lo booty.

Fortunately, Amara and Dad2Amara are healthy. They're still downing Kraft Mac n Cheese and Keebler fudge stripe cookies.

Hmmmm... Cookies...


  1. Oh, no! I can just imagine your pain. I heart food too, and just the thought of it being my enemy would make me very sad indeed. I hope Dad2Amara treats you to a nice, fatty, juicy steak when your tummy is feeling up to it!

  2. this might sound crazy, but losing weight because your sick is a great side effect! I know it sucked throwing up 10 times a day at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I sure looked good!


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