the post where mom is happy her kid's sick

Hi, I've aged. How are you?

Life the last two weeks has been unkind. I've neglected my family, my home, and my blog. Yesterday, it came to a screeching halt.
"Mom! A friend at school gave me a little bug. Now everything hurts."
A nasty virus has invaded Amara's system. Her coughs sound like hyena screams. Her nose is so stuffed, it's grown. I know I'm a hot mom (snicker) but she's a hot-with-fever Bean. Oddly enough, I'm happy.

Amara duty has allowed me to exhale. No life altering decisions hovered above. (More on this to come soon - I hope.) My hardwood floors are spotless. The laundry piles are shrinking. And I still have time to enjoy Dad2Amara's company when he arrives home.

So I am happy Amara's sick. Her fever broke and can only play in spurts. But consider this: If Amara was 100% healthy, I would not have been home to witness my pumpkin evolving into a ballerina.


  1. Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was the only one who ever felt content when her kids were sick or injured. The other day my older son was very distraught after our cat attacked him. I wiped his tears, held him in my arms and then carefully cleaned and medicated the swatch, feeling sad for him but also very happy.

  2. I'm so glad you are able to take a breather and just kind of let go for a little bit.

    I hope Amara feels better soon though! I love her costume.

  3. Take a little "break" and focus on the mundane! It really does help sometimes.

  4. Laurie - I love when Amara comes running to mommy to bandage a cut or because she's bumped her head. I just know that sadly, one day, she won't be needing me anymore.

  5. Hazel - Do you know how I get so many things for her dress up box? I scour Target the weeks following Halloween for anything that could fit her at 50 or 75% off!

  6. Makes sense to me! Some of my best memories of being a kid were the times when I stayed home sick cause my mom spent a lot of time with me and I got to do special things, in little spurts when I could. Once when I was almost DEATHLY ill my mom got some of her old childhood Barbies from the attic, bought me a new Barbie of my own, let me play LiteBright in the living room, let me stay up late, and made me homemade eggnog! I was knockin' on death's door, but when I recovered, I cried cause I had to go back to school and couldn't stay home with mom anymore!


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