Thanks to all most of you for your kind words while I've been out of commission this week. I say "most" because Dad2Amara didn't think the pale comments were that humorous :)

But at any rate, just wanted to give you all a quick update while I was sitting semi-upright.

I went to work today for an hour and a half. I was so exhausted afterwards I napped for three.

Food is still the enemy. I take a bite of anything and my stomach is doing somersaults. I haven't stepped on a scale yet. But I better lose some weight out of this virus deal.

Friday is my last day of work. It's my cousin's last day too. I know she'll be going in, saying emotional goodbyes and receiving loads of good luck wishes. Me? If I can hold down some toast, I'll go in for a bit.

Lastly, as I've been catching up on blogs, I do have to ask you keep some friends in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Foggy City Mommy has been rushed to the hospital, after her kidneys started to fail. Her heart then stopped.
  • Chopper, the childhood dog of Nicki Mann, was put down this week after a short battle with cancer.
Because I literally hadn't seen anything this week but my bathroom and my spare bedroom, I was unaware of what was going on with both of these ladies. So if you could send some good vibes their way, I am sure the heavens will repay you.

I'm off to bed - again.


  1. The pale comment was hilarious! I am glad you are feeling somewhat better - it kind of sucks for your last week at work, but hopefully you'll be fresh as the morning dew for your first day at your fab new job. Keep feeling better...you sound much better already. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

    And second, those ladies are definitely in my thoughts. I hope they are ok.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Sounds like a rough week! You can tell Pale-Man that he sucks and no- I do not want Chicken Perogies! Good luck on the last day!

  3. Thanks for including me in your prayers... and thanks for your email when my doggie passed away! It was a very hard time for me... although it probably seems weak in comparison with the lady whose heart stopped! But Chopper was a very special dog to me... she was like my therapy animal! We all miss her, but I'm glad she's not sick or in pain any more!

  4. Glad you're starting to feel better - just in time for your new office job! Woo hoo. Gonna have to come check out the new digs...


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