you know you are sick when...

Here's a multiple choice question for ya.

Mom2Amara is sick when:

  • she has to blog using her BlackBerry because the glare from her laptop makes her nauseous.

  • she hasn't shaved her legs all week and looks like Chewbacca.

  • ginger ale tastes like stale beer.

  • all the color has drained from her Filipina face and she is now as pale white as Dad2Amara.

  • all of the above.

Sorry, there's no prize for this quiz. My brain's too tired to think of one.


  1. Apparently you are not too sick to be funny. "Chewbacca" indeed.
    Feel better very, very soon!

  2. Dahling, are you SURE you're not pregnant? And don't worry about those new co-workers of yours. It's illegal not to be happy for a newly pregnant colleague.

  3. Sorry you're still sick Chewy! Maybe you and James can hang out together as to stop spreading germs all over my house!

  4. you must be sick if you are as pale as dad2amara!

  5. Ate! That's mean!
    ... NOBODY'S as pale as Dad2Amara! :)


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