Wednesday, October 31, 2007

zoinks! where's the Mystery Machine?

Like, wow!

I bet you didn't think Dad2Amara would actually dress up for Halloween! But dress up he did as Norville Rogers AKA Shaggy. He's the perfect match for my Scooby Doo.

I snuck out of work a bit early to make it home for Trick or Treat. I arrived home with literally a minute to spare. Amara, of course, was just waking from an unscheduled nap, arguing with Dad2Amara. She was so ornery. Imagine a preschooler saying she didn't want to Trick or Treat! But with Mom2Amara's reasoning, Amara came around.

For the first time, Dad2Amara took her door to door.

Me? I grabbed the latest issue of Oprah Magazine, my Blackberry, and a basket of candy and headed for the front porch.

Jinkies. If I were in the holiday spirit, guess they could have used a Velma...


  1. Seriously one of the cutest costumes I've seen this year...

  2. that's awesome! but velma over daphne? i'd do daphne, she has cuter boots!

  3. tell tim to go with the facial hair look. btw, i think scooby ate amara, but she looks okay with it.

  4. That's so cute! My favorite part by far is the fake chin puke on Tim!

  5. Thanks everyone! Dad2Amara was totally geeked when he saw how much Amara loved Scooby Doo cartoons!

  6. I'm so proud of Tim! He makes a great Shaggy! You totally should've been Velma, Nik! :)

  7. whoa. your hubby is cute!!!

    living viacriously as I am totally single, bitter and on meds.

    my heart hurts. literally.


  8. ScoobyDoo looks like he swallowed Amara!

  9. Tim with facial hair... never thought I'd see that. hahaha They both look awesome. I thought for sure we'd get some sort of princess, barbi, fairy costume - scobby threw me for a loop! He's not even pink! gasp! hehehe

  10. This one threw me for a loop, too! But how adorable!! They looked great!!


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