Damn You, Oprah!

I had heard all about Oprah's Hannah Montana exclusive. But when I heard she would also go behind the scenes at the American Girl factory, I knew Amara would want to see it.

After all, she hears the name "Chicago," and proceeds to do a jig, proclaiming it as home to the great American Girl store.

Grandpa2Amara recorded the Oprah show. And on Thanksgiving Day, we gathered around the TV to get the inside scoop on the dolls.

But in true Oprah fashion, the show was not just an exclusive tour of the company. Oh no. American Girl took the opportunity to unveil their 2008 Girl of the Year.

And now, all Amara can talk about is Mia.

Mia is the new doll. Mia is an ice skater. Mia is pretty. Mia this. Mia that. Oh. My. Gawd. Mia must be stopped!

Damn you, Oprah! Look what you've introduced my daughter to!


  1. I love American Girl Dolls myself... but so far, Sweetie hasn't shown much interest. We even found a slightly damaged Samantha at the Goodwill a year ago and she never plays with it. I love Kirsten and the new Julie - I'd love Sweetie to have both, but alas, I guess I'm saving $$.

  2. I'm such an Oprah sell out. After her Favorite Things Show, I bought new Ugg boots. Because yes! They are cute but I would never have known about them had it not been for her damn show! LOL
    Since I have all boys, I don't know about American Girl Dolls but if it's anything like the time they unveiled the new WHITE RANGER power ranger...the hype was too much.

  3. maya saw it and said that all the girls in thw world should get one, especially her!

  4. I wanted an American Girl so bad when I was little... but I never got one! Wah!

  5. My DD doesn't know about American Girl yet, but I actually can't wait to introduce her to them.


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