dimming the lights on Black Friday

Ever since I could remember, I have gotten up at the crack of dawn to join the ranks of crazed shoppers on Black Friday.

It began as an annual tradition with Lola2Amara. As a child, Lola2Amara would drag us to Gold Circle, Higbee's, and Joseph Horne's.

I was quite familiar with the mall. When Lola2Amara would work weekends at the hospital, Lolo2Amara would take us to the mall so we could walk off our boredom. And Lola2Amara enjoyed wearing the latest fashions from Gloria Vanderbilt, Esprit, and Sassoon. So Black Friday was just another excuse to bust out the credit cards.

As I aged, I grew to be more particular. Beginning the first week of November, I would log onto specialty websites, searching for Black Friday secrets. I then would spend the hours after Thanksgiving dinner scouring store circulars then mapping out a game plan for the next morning.

I haven't missed a Black Friday in years. Even Amara has already participated in two Black Fridays, getting up at 5 a.m. so we could be in line at Toys R Us by 6 and Best Buy by 7.

I expected this year to be no different.

But as I check out Black Friday ads, I'm left wanting more. Maybe my tastes have changed. Maybe I just don't care.

If I wake up early this Friday from my turkey coma, you won't find me at Target or the mall. Look for me at the gym. I'd rather lose calories than my sanity.


  1. OMG!!!! Gold Circle!!!! That brings me back to my childhood. I'd forgotten Gold Circle but when I read it on your post I had a major, major nostalgia moment. My mom and I used to go there all the time. Thanks for the memory :)

  2. Awww, and Higbee's, too :)

    I'm a little homesick now...

  3. I don't know if it was a black friday but part of my family stood in line for hours to get one of those dang cabbage patch dolls for Christmas at Gold Circle in Akron across from Rolling Acres Mall. I think they're both gone now!

    I'm proud of you... skip the shopping and turn to the workout!

  4. As much as I love shopping, I have never done the Black Friday shopping thing! Maybe I should do it this year, I'll probably be up already anyways!

  5. Good for you! Know, that I'll be burning calories in my kicks as well. :)

  6. I have a tradition of going to Black Friday sales with my mom... we get up early, hit the stores, go out for breakfast, and then go home and sleep! But you're right... you look at the ads and the bargains don't seem WORTH it these days! Its like they're just throwing junk on the shelves cause they know we'll show up and buy it just for the principle of the thing!

  7. We don't have Black Friday in Canada (and our Thansgiving is on a Monday in October). The idea scares me a little.

  8. I refuse to leave my house on Friday for anything. Even the thought of all that holiday traffic gives me the chills.

    And, now, I'm seeing ads for stores that are opening up at 4 in the freakin' morning! Are those people high?!

    Oy. Good luck to you.


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