Gee Whiz, Giada

My belly aches. And my feet hurt. Can only mean I've spent the afternoon at the Fabulous Food Show.

I'm a wannabe foodie.

Williams-Sonoma is my heaven. I don't know how to use their gadgets and gizmos. But dammit, I love the place.

I beg Dad2Amara to send me to cooking classes, hoping to turn my amateur mac and cheese into a gourmet masterpiece.

I want to understand the culinary world and take a slice of it home.

So when a friend of mine invited me to see Giada De Laurentiis live, I rushed to find a babysitter for Amara.

I arrived at the Culinary Celebraton Theatre quite surprised. Giada came out in a spectacular black dress that was surely not from her husband's store. But she looked tired and run down. I would guess that's the demands of her work schedule since I would expect a mom-to-be to be glowing. She looked old.

I always thought size 2 girls shouldn't have their own shows on a food network. I mean seriously. Girls who like to eat shouldn't be skinny.

But Giada made me feel good. She was so down to earth. And she had bags under her eyes. She looked so...normal. You gotta love a woman who can go in front of hundreds of fans looking so real.

But I still hate her for making a better rigatoni than me.


  1. Looking old?? OMG woman!!! Are you drunk?? Meee-ow!! Go eat a duck egg, would you??

    Love ya..!!!

  2. My DH just loves Giada... men!

  3. I loove Giada too! I'm so jealous that you saw her live!

  4. I actually don't like Giada that much....I don't know what it is, there's something about her that I don't like! Barefoot Contessa is the best & her house is to die for!


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