guilty as charged

A month ago, I stumbled up this.
"Guilt is also a great motivator, she said. Many parents work long hours and may feel less guilty about it if their kids have the best - and most expensive - of everything."
Oh. My. Gawd. I've become one of them.

I'm trying to buy Amara's affection.

I'm not accustomed to long work hours. I was fortunate enough to leave those days behind when I became Mom2Amara.

So when I decided to accept this new job - which is going fabulously by the way - I knew changes were in the works for our family dynamics.

But I never imagined I would be paying my way thru a guilty conscience.

Amara now owns a pair of cute new tights, a new outfit, snow gear (remember, Mom2Amara hates the outdoors so she'll probably never wear the stuff), and has picked up more Happy Meals than I care to admit. All in the last seven days.

But as I am now ending week two at the new job, I am definitely reminded that I love being a working mom. Hours may be long. But I feel accomplished knowing I'm making a difference thru my work and by being a role model to my child.

Now if only I could keep some of that new pay in my wallet instead of over-compensating when it comes to Amara...


  1. Amara is definitely better off having a mom who feels fulfilled in her job and accomplishments. And having a role model as an accomplished, working mom will benefit her in the long run, for sure.

  2. oh crap. me too. but that's because I want him to love me more then Sean and his slut.


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