I resolve not to resolve

I'm not sure when it hit me. But I felt the wind knock me over, right onto my Asian derriere.

It's just over 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. We're just over a month away from Christmas.

A new year will then begin. And I have yet to resolve any of my New Year resolutions.

Nothing like starting the week feeling like some kind of failure.

My hundreds of recipes are still a mess, unorganized and untried.

That going to church every week thing? Yeah...not so much.

The scale still haunts me. (But my personal trainer says I've lost five inches overall in the last two months so I guess not all is lost.)

And I do have 22 days until the Reindeer Run. I guess there's still time for the 5K resolution.

I look back at the last 11 months and see a lot of changes for Amara's family. And after a week at the new job, I feel more fulfilled - ready to charge at the challenges ahead.

So why is it many of us take the time year after year to commit to change, knowing fully that plenty of resolutions go unachieved and broken?

And why must we wait until January 1st to resolve to take up a project or make a difference in our lives?

So as 2007 comes to a quick end, I am making a pre-holiday resolution. I resolve not to resolve. I will not put these horrible demands on myself, adding stress to an already stressful time of year. I will work towards change in Mom2Amara time. Are you with me?


  1. Nothing like starting the week feeling like some kind of failure.

    It's okay to feel this way from time to time. It puts things in perspective, keeps everything real. The trick is to know when to swim in the feeling and when to get out. Give it another day or two. Watch some TV, read some US Weekly in the tub, get your toenails polished even though it's winter now. ANd above all, don't blame yourself for your feelings. Find a scapegoat. Blame the Mother-effing Indians! Can't they win ONE AL title, for god's sake??? Sheesh, just thinking about that Kenny Lofton would-have-been-a-run depresses me already.

  2. Great idea, resolving not to resolve. Who needs the added pressure? It makes for a very stressful life!

  3. I have never once made a new years resolution b/c I know I will never follow through with it....it definitely makes for a less stressful life!

  4. Hey K - forget the Indians! I'm kinda depressed watching the downward spiral we call the Cavaliers.


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