mom, meet Switzerland

Even at the young age of four, Amara's school already has parent-teacher conferences.

And usually, Dad2Amara attends them. I speed thru traffic and rush after work to meet the teachers only to find that I have missed my conference time. Thank goodness Dad2Amara doesn't operate on Filipino time.

This fall, I went alone. Dad2Amara had a late class at the college. And I have tremendous guilt when he has to cancel class because of a family commitment. I seem to feel guilty about a lot of things lately.

Disheveled from my evening commute, I arrived at school, greeted by to two cheerful preschool teachers. Miss Becky is more matronly. A retired educator from a high brow private school, her children are now grown. Miss Julie is a newlywed, young and sweet.

I often wonder how they view our family. Parents who rarely work simply an 8 hour day. An only child in a community filled with families of growing proportions. A family in which pick up from school is many times like playing roulette: you never know who will be taking Amara from school. Could be me, Dad2Amara, Grandma2Amara or Babysitter2Amara.

But the parent-teacher conference went well. Amara has exceeded their expectations academically and emotionally. They claim she is beyond where an "average" four year old should be. Okey dokey.

So they seemed surprised when I asked how Amara interacted with other children. Here's the guilt talking again. I know as an only child, chances are she may not share as willingly as children with siblings. But amazingly, the teachers told me quite the opposite is true.

Amara seems to be the ringleader of her clique (their words, not mine).

Where Amara goes, a crowd follows.

When kids fight about what activity to do next, Amara is the peacemaker. She's neutral territory, making sure everyone's happy. She's the school's Switzerland.

What?!? My kid?

And apparently, if her group of friends cannot come to a consensus or the arguing gets to an all time high, Amara walks away and stays a neutral party. She'd rather not deal with the bickering and waits for them to simmer down. Only then will she consider playing with her friends again.

Wow. Amazing how Amara is completely one way at school and then does a 180 for her mom.

I left beaming. I'm so proud of Amara! Guess I could learn a lesson or two from her.


  1. maya is the exact same way... she is totally CYBIL. She is cooperative, kind, polite at school and then she turns into someone else as soon as she crosses the threshold of our home!


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