reasons why to smile today

OK, this is really all about me. And this is why I'm smiling today.
  1. 1,432 minutes of Sydney, Kimberly, and the rest of the Melrose Place gang now in my possession.

  2. I'm going to workout tomorrow morning. Really.

  3. Dog is on Larry King Live. (I'm going thru withdrawals since his network has pulled the plug on him.)

  4. It's that much closer to the weekend.
Hope you can find reasons to smile today too!


  1. Sometimes it's the little things, eh? I'm glad you posted this. It's far too easy to get bogged down and forget how important it is to smile and enjoy life, whether it's watching Melrose or promising yourself you'll go work out!

  2. knowing Danita has its advantages. my reason to smile, it's my friday and i have a great weekend lined up. i know, i know, i know, friday at work won't quite be the same without me.

  3. Wonder what Dog will be saying??

    My reason to smile: 3-day weekend! Whoo hooo!


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