Santa from a mom's perspective

Touring the outskirts of the mall for 25 minutes in search of a parking space: 10 years off my life

Waiting in line as the family in front of you takes dozens of photos of their ugly children who refuse to smile: another 10 years off my life

Having a great picture of Amara with Santa: priceless

There's just some things money can't buy. Unfortunately, everything Amara has asked for requires cash. A lot of it.


  1. Too Cute. Seriously - did your child take posing lessons. Or does she just know how to work it. I'm guessing the later.

  2. She looks so sweet with Santa Claus! Was he a decent Santa?

  3. very's good to see she's not afraid of Santa anymore

  4. She looks so cute - and I love her tights!


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