the grinch who stole Thanksgiving

Many moons ago, Mama Zen tagged me with such a great meme.

What's the view from your front door?

I had come up with various topics to complete the perfect posts. I have a Great Lake at the end of my street. On any given day, the view is spectacular. The neighborhood kids enjoy playing with Amara and can be seen trampling frolicking in the yard. My street is suburbia at its best.

But over the weekend, this could be seen from my window.

Are you kidding me?

At last check, it was barely mid-November. The Halloween candy is still sitting in my kitchen. I have to fight the evils of retail, fending off Christmas tree ornaments and zoning out jingle bells playing overhead. And now, I must face bright red and green lights...all before the turkey is fully roasted.

Christmas is my second favorite time of year. (It's second only to my birthday.) But the Christmas season hasn't truly begun. I know that. You know that. But why the heck don't my neighbors know that?

I even tried to get into the holiday spirit by baking tonight. Eight dozen cookies later, I was bitter because the last four dozen were of a new recipe that didn't end up quite right. (The apple drop cookies were delicious...but I'm not happy with how they look. I could never bribe my new coworkers share them with friends.)

So like a good country song, I'll take the view from my front porch looking in. Because gazing out my window blinds me right now.


  1. Kinda funny because the view from my front porch (or second floor balcony) is posted on my blog. It satifies both of your latest posts. Yes, my lights are up but they aren't multi-colored, just white to celebrate it getting colder (that's the story I'm sticking with!) I'm not trying to rush the holidays but why not!?! They can be stressful but on the whole aren't the holidays a great time of the year when everyone kinda comes together? Note to your neighbors (and I'm sure they're really nice people) their display is total visual pollution. try sticking with one color or theme and run with it. (i say that in the nicest way possible) :)

  2. I hear you on the Christmas in November. Way. Too. Soon. Then again, I don't love the season the way you do.
    And if I baked Christmas cookies now. I would EAT THEM ALL before the time came to give them away...;-)
    Oh and the cookies that don't look good enough to share? I would eat those, too!

  3. Oh yeah, totally agree with you. I was just complaining the other day that my mall has already hung up Xmas decorations BEFORE HALLOWEEN! And somehow Thanksgiving and Christmas have morphed into one big holiday. They don't even try anymore.

    Please post pics of your lakeside view!

  4. So it would be wrong to put my Christmas tree up this weekend? That's fine, I'll just leave it up until the end of January!

  5. Yes that is very strange! Why are people in such a rush to get Christmas started so early? Maybe they would like it to be Christmas all year long. That would be sort of cool, I guess...

  6. maybe they are just lazy and kept them up from last year and do want to look lazy but want to look eager and organganized! does that makes sense?

  7. Yes... too early. We wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. :)


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