washer? I barely knew her!

Dear washing machine, we barely knew you.

You were just four years young. In that short time, you've seen intimate parts of our family. You lacked style and finesse. But you got the job done. And you promised to stay with us 'til we left the Yellow House.

So now I am bitter. Angry you have left us all too early. Sad that loads of laundry sit idle on my bathroom floor.

Your premature death has left me penniless - my new running shoes now must wait. So too must my new kitchen tools.

I curse you now. And look forward to tomorrow when the Lowe's delivery guys take you away.



  1. I know that feeling! You could always go to the laundromat! (Little kids LOVE laundromats! You can climb inside the big dryers, scoot around in the laundry carts, play Pinball, and get candy bars from the vending machines!)

  2. My most sincere condolences to you and your family. ;-)
    The washer doctor was able to save our machine a few months back. I was so relieved.


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