a holiday pet peeve

Christmastime is a hectic time for everyone.

We dash from party to party. Hurriedly we hit shop after shop.

But even with this stress filled month, I try to spread some cheer everywhere I go.

But today, I went to give blood at my local Red Cross. I missed my appointment last week. So I knew I had to keep my obligation today.

Amara and I ran a thosand errands, all before her 10:45 dance class. Then I rushed over to donate.

So imagine how quickly my cheer was drained from my disposition when I was greeted at the Red Cross by the most miserable employee.

I know it gets busy. I know how it feels when you're slammed with tons of people all at once.

But honestly, just because you're having a bad day, does that mean you have to spread your bah humbug to all of us?

This lady was such a wench. She was rude. I've never encountered such an unpleasant Red Cross employee.

Me and my O-positive blood hit the road.

So here's to that woman. May her Christmas suck.


  1. Ugh! Here you are trying to do your good deed and you're greeted with misery. I'm so sorry that happened! I had a similar miserable employee experience at CVS this morning, too. It's enough to ruin your good mood, isn't it? :(

  2. Happy effing Christmas!! Hilarious!


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