a mom's kind of happy meal

I am a total emotional eater. And when I'm upset or stressed, I typically crave a good coffee and cheesecake.

Amara usually will have nothing to do with my dining plans. Her ideal menu consists of chicken nuggets and fries.

But I found a place we both could love.

Too bad it's hundreds of miles away.

It seems there's a McDonald's with it's very own cafe inside.

You Canadians are so lucky. It's in Quebec.

McCafe is complete with baristas, freshly made sandwiches, and an assortment of lucious desserts. It's like a quaint corner bistro.

But true to form, you can go to a more traditional Mickey D's connected to the cafe.

That means Amara and mom can have their own Happy meals!

Girl, I wish we had one close by...


  1. Other than its healthcare, I love Canada. They say "sorry" the correct way!

  2. Wow - really?? A high end McD's with baristas? This is awesome!

  3. I had McDoh (as they say in the Philipinnes) last night....it was yummy.....

  4. i need to find this mcdoh... my closest one is only a 5 minute stroller walk away so i can walk off the calories when i get a craving for a bigmac and large fries.


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