an easy 40 bucks

Dad2Amara was invited by the Dean at his college to a holiday dinner party. He insisted I come along.

Wheee. You should hear the excitement in my voice.

While I'm getting all dolled up, Amara enters my bathroom and starts mouthing off about her dinner.

I had ordered pizza for her and Babysitter2Amara so what's there to complain about? With Amara, nothing was right.

I sent Amara to her room and continued with my makeup. I'm all ready to go.

Babysitter2Amara arrives.

And Amara's fast asleep in her bed.

Five hours later, Amara is still fast asleep in her bed.

That's the easiest $40 that babysitter will ever make!


  1. Funny how that works out sometimes. :)

  2. Heh. What'd you wear?? Are you all better now?

  3. LOL and the lucky babysitter got to eat the whole pizza too? Nice! I want to babysit at your house!


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