Barbie, meet Barbie

Dad2Amara relayed to me the cutest story.

Amara ran into our bedroom this morning after I had already left for work.

"St. Nick was here!"

Obedient and hopeful, Amara had left her shoes out overnight. And she was not disappointed.

St. Nick had brought her candy and a Christmas Barbie doll.

What's a Christmas Barbie, you ask?

Well, it's an overpriced Barbie doll, complete with hair accessories for girls, a notepad, and a skimpy red glitter number for Barbie. If Barbie were to bend over, you'd see her rear end - it's that short.

But Amara loves her. So she immediately took her to where she houses her other Barbie dolls and said, "You stay here while I go to school. We'll do introductions later!"

She's such a good hostess!


  1. How many Barbies does Amara have? Does she have Ken, too? (Although didn't Barbie and Ken break up a while back? I thought I read something about this happening).

  2. I love it. I can actually picture her saying that. Love it!


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