does your kid's teacher drink?

I unexpectedly must go to work tomorrow. So after having lunch with the family (Happy Birthday, Lolo2Amara!), I figured I'd run a few more errands before heading home.

Each year, I try to find a nice gift for Amara's teachers. Forget apple studded notebooks or boxes of chocolate. I try to give them gifts they can really use. Last year, we opted for bookstore gift cards.

Well, right next door to the grocery store is a Pier 1. I decided to take a quick gander in in search of a teacher's gift.

And I found the perfect gifts. In the most festive of bottles, the store has Appletini mixes. And in true Pier 1 fashion, they had great bar wear too.

So I dialed Dad2Amara and asked his opinion.

His response? It was too presumptuous. How do I know Amara's young, vibrant newlywed teacher would appreciate a bottle of alcohol?

And you want to know my response? The woman works with 3 and 4 year olds all day long - of course she'd appreciate alcohol! It would be just as presumptous of me to get her a tea set or coffee mug.

After a long debate over the phone, Teacher2Amara got a candle.

But am I wrong? Do you think Amara's teacher would appreciate an apple ornament more than the Appletini?


  1. I volunteered in a kindergarten class for one day for 4 months... and I had a drink after each day.

  2. Mom2Amara..

    Just because you are powerless over alcohol....

  3. Hmmm... I have worked in a lot of schools and child care centers, and I have noticed that teachers are HUGE drinkers! They're like, all prim and sweet during the day, then at night IT IS ON!
    (Seriously! Its kinda weird, huh?)

  4. ... as a teacher, I would have preferred a gift card over another apple ornament or figurine. I may very well have used said gift card on stemware and mixers, however. :)


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