he can't dress, she can't keep a secret

I know. I know. I've been gone awhile.

I can't tell if it's the holiday crazies or the the crazies at my work. But my laptop and I have been separated for far too long.

So thanks to all of you for being so patient. And thanks to Todd, Karmela, and Susan for the not so subtle hints to get back to blogging.

What's going on with Mom2Amara?

Well, with the exception of one gift, all of our shopping is done. And when I say our, I mean "our."

See last Friday, I was lucky enough to leave work a few hours early. And again, I was racing to pick Amara up from school. That poor girl. When I'm on school duty, she's always the last kid standing. But I digress.

I show up at school to see Amara -- wearing a ribbed v-neck sweater, striped with every color of the rainbow. And to go along with her colorful ensemble, she was wearing a pair of jeans with pink patchwork.

She. So. Did. Not. Match.

Dad2Amara dressed her. Fashion plate he is not.

And Amara's response when I questioned why she didn't match: "I told Daddy. He didn't listen."


So I take my mismatched child and we go Christmas shopping. I was hoping to beat the crowds. But no such luck. Seems everyone left work early.

While standing in line, I comment again on Amara's outfit. And she tries to explain how her Daddy wouldn't listen. Just like Dad2Amara wouldn't listen about the purse he should buy me. And just like at the jewelry store when Amara wanted to buy me the necklace in the middle but he choose earrings instead.

Excuse me? What did Amara just say?

Oooops. Seems Amara can't keep a secret very well.

I haven't told Dad2Amara that his daughter slipped. I hate to ruin the surprise.

But just goes to show, you can't trust a four year old with Christmas secrets.


  1. WELCOME BACK! I missed you!!!

    I love how she tried to tell her dad and I love how Amara got her fashion sense from you ;)

  2. yea, she's back! great post, worth the wait!

  3. just wait one more year and she'll refuse to leave the house in a, as maya puts it "i look like a dork" mismatched outfit.

  4. LOL! Yeah, preschoolers and secrets don't mix! But I love the description of the outfit! Maybe she's gonna be a punkrocker some day!


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