Sunday, December 2, 2007

my daughter's wedding will be like this


  1. think i recognize some of John's moves in that bit.

  2. That is sooo funny! I wish I had 'thought outside the box' when I married. We married in '95 and have seen many, many clever ideas since. I think we need to renew our vows.... :D

  3. I am jealous - now my 80's cover band at my wedding is nothing in comparison! Journey vs Sir Mix Alot... ya Mixx is going to win! Love this video and I've seen it about 5 times already!

  4. How did her breastises not fall out of her dress? Impressive!

  5. this will be me and my bride (the reason I won't be finding one anytime soon!) at our wedding. great stuff! throw all of the tradition out the window. btw, i'll be chosing all of the music, there will not be any straying from the playlist. call me a music nazi, i'm okay with that!

  6. I don't think Amara can do this if she dances like her dad :-) !!!


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