she's so going to elope

Amara is not the church going type.

Sinner nor saint, Amara just can't seem to focus when inside the sanctuary. I just can't see a church wedding in her future.

Dad2Amara took all of us on a holiday lantern tour last night. The air was crisp. And the sky was clear. It was a beautiful December evening.

The candlelight tour takes visitors back to 1862, visiting homes getting ready for their Civil War-era Christmas celebrations.

Amara enjoyed it. And her from-the-mouth-of-babes remarks made even the reenactors laugh.

(Picture it: the actor is describing how as a child, her father would not allow a Christmas tree in their home because it was "too" German of a custom. Now picture Amara yelling: "Hey Dad! We're German!"

Or try scenario number two when another family was describing their holiday customs and Amara interjected, "Did you know that some people celebrate Kwanzaa too?!")

House after house we hit. And you could tell Amara was really into the 19th century interpretations.

Then we arrived at the village's church.

Amara could not sit still. Her swaying feet would knock into the pew, causing a loud thud throughout the church. She complained about being bored.

Dad2Amara and I tried to get her to stop.

Even the pastor's stern looks did not scare her.

After what seemed like ages, the presentation at the church ended. And we made our way to the next house where Amara again as the perfect angel.

Seems no matter what century we're in, Amara and church do not mix.


  1. the last time I went to church with Maya all she said was "all they talk about is god and jesus, god and jesus, god and jesus" and we haven't been back ever since.

  2. That sounds like a pretty cool tour! Amara's right though, church is pretty dull... especially back in the "olden days!"


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