the family this holiday season

Christmas with Lolo and Lola2Amara and Aunt and Uncle2Amara was low key this year.

And that meant less stress for Mom2Amara.

But it didn't mean less presents for Amara.

Amara got lots of cute outfits from Lolo and Lola2Amara (which were much needed since the week before Christmas Amara went through a growth spurt and was busting out of all of her clothes!)
In true Filipino fashion, Amara got a karaoke microphone. She has already used it to show off her vocal talents.
And perhaps one of her most favorite gifts this season came from Aunt and Uncle2Amara -- a scooter for her American Girl doll. It's no coincidence Amara named her doll "Leslie" after her favorite aunt!


  1. These are great pics!! Very festive - did you get your Dutch oven?

  2. No dutch oven. But I did get more baking supplies. I'm hoping to get my chores done tonight so I can spend New Year's making buckeyes, cookies, and peanut butter bars!

  3. Wonderful pictures... clearly you all had a Merry Christmas. :D


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