what a girl wants

Everyone has been doing a holiday wish list. And I was feeling left out.

This year, Christmas will be pretty low key for Amara's family (due to a family misunderstanding). But surprisingly, Dad2Amara and I are looking forwarded to buying fewer gifts and running around less on Christmas Day.

But that doesn't mean a Mom can't dream! So on my hectic mom wish list this year, you can find:

This Cole Hahn tote is perfect for the mom looking to toss her Blackberry, an extra winter hat, mittens, and some M&M's all in one spot.

I'm addicted to bareMinerals. And what Mom doesn't want eye shadow that will mask her tired eyes?

I always ask for a New Balance running shoes at Christmas. My older pair has seen more mileage than it should. And they are now begging to be used to chase after Amara on the weekends. Some Under Armour helps these cold winter days too.

I heart these BOSE in ear headphones. I think I heard my iPod asking for them too.

A little Isaac Mizrahi glamour at a Mom friendly price.

A dutch oven to show off my culinary skills. I like showing off my domestic diva.

What are you asking for this Christmas?


  1. *treadmill
    *tri belt (designed to hold one's race bib and thereby toss the safety pins!)
    *photoshop cs


  2. PS - I totally want a Dutch oven, too! I once watched Emeril cook a coq au vin in one of those and I've wanted a Dutch oven ever since.

  3. i had to let out a laugh for some of those items on your list. i'm getting a nice apartment for Christmas. Santa called early and spoiled the surprise. I'm okay with that knowledge. He said he had to tell me because he's not a packer!

  4. All I want for Christmas is socks! But cute socks!


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