a personal invitation

Amara loves her "big sister."

No, I don't have another child that I've been hiding from all of you.

Amara's big sis is my cousin's daughter.

And because they live hundreds of miles away in Canada, we rarely get to see them.

Could be why Amara's been insisting I mail this "letter" right away.

If you can read it, it says "Maya," "Jackson" and "from Amara."

This part instructs her "siblings" to call us.

The next part I could not understand. Until Amara translated it for me.

She wants her sister to bring her American Girl doll for a visit.

So cousin, what do you think? Are you still coming out for a visit in March?


  1. we are still coming as of now... we are also thinking of hanging out at kalahari... what do you think? huge family suite would be sweet!!

  2. She's such a big girl, writing letters already!


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