OK so I have more than just the Percocet.

I have been blessed with a plethora of cards and calls since arriving home last Friday.

And I did get a few goodies, including flowers, a fabulous relaxing home spa kit from my cousin (thanks, Hazel!), and a gift card to Dick's. (I guess I'm not the only one hoping I get to the gym soon.)

I also think I'm not the only one getting stir crazy. I'm needing new ways to keep Amara busy.

So I handed her my camera and asked her to take pictures of my flowers.

But she took it one step further and found blooms all over the Yellow House.

Here's a peek at her artistic ability --

Not bad, eh?


  1. She takes better pictures than me!

    And those are such pretty flowers - glad your spa kit arrived!

  2. A budding photographer! She's very good, tell her I'd like her to take pictures of highmaintenancebaby on our next visit!

  3. She's a super photographer! Our county fair has a Kid's Corner... there is a photography category... you should definitely consider entering a few of her photos! :D

  4. Thanks everyone. Amara is a great photographer. She enjoys taking pictures and ends up taking some better shots than what I wouldhave gotten!


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