can I get a side of lipo with that?

T minus 48 hours and counting.

In two days, I will be sporting a chic hospital gown. Bland grey, exposed butt dresses. Footies with rubber traction bottoms. I'm so trendy.

I found out a week ago that I would have to go in for some surgery. Not exactly minor. But not life threatening.

But the doc says no excuses. And no other options. I HAD to have it done. Now.

So I have spent the last 9 days doing laundry so Amara wouldn't go naked, grocery shopping so she wouldn't go hungry, and cleaning so I wouldn't go crazy. I'm exhausted.

But as odd as it sounds, I'm looking forward to going under the knife.

I even asked my doctor if I could get a tummy tuck while I was on the operating table.

She didn't find it humorous.

Too bad I wasn't kidding!

But while I'm recovering, I'm banking on the fact that I'll be online. A lot.

Can you believe that they don't offer WiFi in my hospital room?!?!

So I'll have to wait until I get home to blog and check out what all of you are up to.

So wish me luck.

And hope that the silver lining to all of this is that maybe I'll shed a few pounds when it's all said and done :)


  1. wtf?!

    happy thoughts to you.

  2. Wait, what??

    Here's to a speedy recovery! I'll be thinking of you!

  3. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!

  4. take care of yourself... does this also mean that you will be served when you get home from surgery. I'd demand it! Don't worry about the lipo question. My friend went in for a c-section and she asked for a nose job while they were at it. The doctor didn't like her question either.

  5. Sending all the best thoughts your way!


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