freaking, stinking hot

I wrote a comment on HighMaintenanceMom's blog earlier that described HighMaintenanceBaby as "freaking cute."

Ooooh. That's where Amara gets it from.

At her young age, Amara's impressionable.

That means, she picks up expressions and actions from school.

And apparently Amara picks up sayings from Mom2Amara.

She's taken a liking to "freaking cute." But she's also known to ask just how "hot" her outfit is. Or how "stinking adorable" her doll is.

So the next time my trucker of a mouth starts to talk, I probably should rethink that one, eh?


  1. I guess your picking up some language from your Canadian cousins, EH? BTW - I had to have a talk with John cause I caught Maya doing the bawm-cheeka-whaa-whaa this morning... with the action and everything.

  2. shine- LOL LOL LOL!!!! I have to hear maya say that next time I see her! And I don't think there's anything wrong with "freaking cute" it's freaking cute to hear a little kid say that!

  3. I can absolutely relate to that. It can be quite funny and quite scary what they pick up from us. Keep on writing - JohnnyO


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