my NOT to do list

I'm a trend setter.

Weeks ago, I refused to make any New Year resolutions.

Now, in the latest issue of Real Simple Magazine, they encourage readers to make a "not-to-do list." Hmmmm...sounds familiar.

So to welcome 2008, I am listing the five things I vow not to do in the next 365 days.

I will not:
  1. Talk like a trucker. Curse like a sailor. I'd like the mouth that kisses Amara to be a bit more pure.

  2. Beat myself up for not being the mom who volunteers at Amara's school. Those moms are blessed to have the time to share with the kiddos. I'm blessed to have my sanity. And I'd like to keep it.

  3. Skip out on my favorite weekly podcasts. I need that time to unwind. Alone.

  4. Make excuses for my laziness at the gym. But I won't feel bad if other obligations keep me away.

  5. Sleep less than 8 hours. OK not less than 6 hours.
How are your resolutions going?

Or are you like me and decided to keep your resolutions at bay?


  1. This no sugar thing effing sucks! I HAVEN'T GONE TO DUNKIN DONUTS IN TWO WEEKS! How are people supposed to live without donuts?!

    (I do admire your no trucker/sailor non-resolution!)

  2. I have no resolutions but the little old lady on the other side of the Weight Watchers scale and her dirty looks will give me all the motivation I need!!!

  3. I actually made a couple resolutions this year, the first time ever, I think being a mom has changed me a bit! Ask me in about a month if i'm still keeping them!

  4. I like this idea. I don't like to air my resolutions...that way I don't feel guilty if I don't get to them ;) LOL!


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