New Year's Eve overindulgence

To ring out 2007, Dad2Amara suggested we all go out for a fabulous dinner.

And I am not one to turn down food.

So we load into the Blue Mom-mobile and head east to a favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate the end of a good year. Although it's beloved, we hadn't eaten there in years.

See, while Dad2Amara and I were dating, we would eat at this great local Italian joint. It's original location only had about 10 tables.

We've literally waited hours outside the restaurant to order our meals. It's. That. Good.

They moved to a new, larger building while we were still newlyweds. And there was still a wait. It's. That. Good.

Then Dad2Amara and I built the Yellow House 45 minutes away. So our trips to the restaurant were few and far between.

But during one of my Christmas shopping expeditions, I happened upon a new restaurant. It was our restaurant. They were opening a second location just minutes from the Yellow House.

And that's where we landed on New Year's Eve.

I was apprehensive taking Amara to dinner here. Think fine dining.

But it is a family joint. And they stayed true to their word.

Think fresh garlic rolls dripping with butter. Freshly made Italian wedding soup (no vats of broth sitting all day). Frutti di Mare with scrumptious scallops, shrimp, clams, and mussels over linguine. White pizza that Amara devoured. Veal in a terrific lemon butter sauce. Tiramisu to die for.

It was enough food for a family of eight.

And we ate it all.

I call it my last supper.

My trainer thinks my weight loss has been stalled not because my lack of trying but because I eat crappy. But that's a whole 'nother story...


  1. mmmhhhmmmm yummmm, I want me some Italian now.....

  2. I'm hungry! White pizza.... I'm really hungry... think they deliver?

  3. WOW, that sounds AMAZING. Sounds like a great way to ring out 2007!

  4.', why don't you tell us all the name of this awesome restaurant. I think I may know.


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