bundle up: my first knitting project

I watched the Pro Bowl and this warmth just came over me.

The thermometer on my deck reads 8 degrees. I think the color commentator said it was 84 in Honolulu.


But to bide the time, I figured I'd work on again on my knitting.

Come Tuesday, I will have been away from work for three weeks. I wanted to at lesat complete one project before I head back to my desk.

Only one problem. I really don't know how to knit.

Well, actually, I just can't knit well.

Sitting with a seasoned knitter for 30 minutes last spring was my only instruction.

I turned to my handy dandy knitter's reference manual and to a fantastic knitting website that provided step by step videos.

And eureka! I struck first timer's gold!

OK maybe it was more like bronze.

There are some mistakes (cleverly hidden in the photo). But for my first time out the gate, I'm proud of what I've made!

It is so satisfying to create something with your own two hands.

We all can't be like Anna, Hazel, and Laurie -- all fabulous women who can come up with masterpieces in their sleep.

But I'm pleased. Maybe pleased enough to take a really knitting class and graduate to baby blankets.


  1. Girl, this is wonderful! And you did this without formal instruction? It looks really professional. Soon you should open up your own scarves and blankets store on Etsy! Making stuff with your own hands can be pretty therapeutic and soothing :)

  2. Hazel - Thanks for the compliment but it's far from professional! I wish I could be good enough to knit some fantastic pieces for Etsy! Alas, I'm an amateur living with a lot of time on my hands right now!

    But yes, it's been therapeutic...unlike gardening. That just pisses me off...

  3. Wow! It's beautiful. I wish I knew how to knit & crochet... Sweetie wants to learn but I've been stalling.

  4. Love the pink and green! I want one.

  5. "graduate to baby blankets"

    whhhhhy? is there something you want to tell us??

  6. Good, now I know where to bring Maya and her knitting kit that she got for christmas... the instructions scare me!

  7. Makita and Shine -- like I said, I know one stitch. That was easy. I just don't know when I'll "graduate" to something else!

  8. Wow, your first thing was WAY better than mine! (Actually way better than anything I can do NOW!) Good work!


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