drowning in hearts

One of the things I'll truly miss being back to work is all the time I got to explore my crafty side.

Bet you didn't know I had one, did ya?

I've been known to scrapbook.

I knit a scarf.

And now, I've completed homemade Valentines for Amara's classmates.

Last week, our dining room table was filled with pink hearts, all cut and pasted with care.

And after painstakingly instructing Amara on how to assemble her cards (I didn't want to take the project away from her), this is what we came up with.

She's so excited to pass out her pencils to all her school friends.

And I'm thrilled that this year, I'm not the mom who is at the drug store the night before Valentine's Day, hoping to find a box of cards that don't have ninja turtles on them.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. super crafty! and super cute!

  2. awww sweet! Amara will sure be proud of the work that was done. Great job!

    Since I had 2 kids to get ready for Valentine give-a-ways in school, I resorted to those ugly premade cards and candy favors. Yes, I am that Mommy that every parent now hates for giving their children more candies...hehe... Time has changed since my firstborn went to school and I made everything by hand.

  3. Wow!! Those are the sweetest home made valentines. We just cut out red and pink hearts and wrote "be mine" on them and my son's name. He decorated some of them but ran out of steam pretty quickly. I wanted to include little heart shaped cookies but got vetoed. Boys.

    BTW - your scarf is gorgeous. Sooooo much better than my first project. And thanks for the shout out the other day. I don't really deserve (I'm a pretty basic knitter, although I love it).

    Finally - so glad to hear that you are up and at 'em again!!!

  4. Okay...so I didn't buy the ninja turtle cards. But we did get spiderman.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Pencils with the valentine - what a cute idea! Great job on the hearts :)

    Did your 2nd day back go much better?


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