open for business

Amara has had quite an active imagination lately. And she's very big on role playing.

One day, she can be a designer on Project Runway, choosing fabric a la Mood.

Other days she's playing mom to Leslie, her American Girl doll.

The next, she's opening a Wendy's franchise. In our basement.

Dad2Amara and I were watching TV when Amara asked us how to spell "open" and "closed."

We really didn't think anything of it.

But she then asked how to spell "Wendy's." This is what we found:

She began taking our orders at the counter, standing behind her little window with her pad of paper. Then she'd act as fry cook, making our dinners.

Amara really enjoys experiencing every aspect of life. And I want to give her all of it. In a pretty basket.

Even if that means she wants to try her hand at flipping burgers.

A note to all my family and friends -- in and out of the blogosphere -- that have left me kind messages on the blog, emailed me, or called. It has been a trying month. And just when I thought things were looking up, the rug was swept from under my feet.

I am blessed to have all of you in my life. There are too many of you to mention here. But you all know who you are.


  1. I love how their imagination works - it's great that you are documenting everything. Just think of stories you can share with HER grandchildren... :)


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