owww...that hurts

I'm having a hard that deciding what hurts me more.

I am now at home after what seems like a very long day at work. In reality, I worked eight and half hours. That's less than my typical work day. Ouch.

And now I'm beat. I ache all over.


But compare that to what Amara said to me yesterday. I asked her to put away her socks that I just folded. They were so fresh out of the dryer they were warm.

Her response?

"Yes your majesty."

Hey little princess! Owww, that hurts.


  1. Waaahhh....suck it up. Have a balut and things will be better.

    Glad to see you back at work.

  2. Mmmmhhhhmmmm, and you didn't teach her to call you that? Yeah right!

  3. Does she give you a little curtsey too? :)

  4. ouch! i felt that from here

  5. Hey thats what I would like to be addressed as...hehe!

    But I just recently called myself an Empress in my blog...go check when you can. hehe

  6. oh! I remember the first time my oldest son called me "your majesty." I was so mad. Now I just accept it as my due. ;-)


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