reason #4,987 I need to get out of the house

I cried at Kelly and Zack's wedding.

I was channel surfing this morning and found the last episode of Saved by the Bell.

You know the one. It's when Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris get hitched in Vegas.

I think I actually shed a tear watching the Bayside gang together again.

In case you missed it, here's a peek:


  1. sadly (or maybe awesomely) i was watching it this morning too while i was getting ready!

  2. You need to get out of the house... or maybe take more percocet!

  3. ::sniff:: Love those two. They're my second favorite TV couple after Kelly and Dylan.

  4. I missed the wedding episode. Sadly enough.

    Crying at their wedding is more understandable than crying at the end of "Con Air", which I did.

  5. damn! Get this girl a Tivo! You should not be watching Saved by The Bell! hahaha and worse... its the college years!

    My day wasnt much better. I was in Colonial Williamsburg eating with senior citizens and talking to creepy people pretending to be in 1771 or something. gross.

  6. Oh honey. I am frightened for you.


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