Super Bowl ad (nauseam)

It was inevitable.

Just like every other blogger in the world, you knew there would be a Super Bowl wrap up post from Mom2Amara.

But right now, I'm not celebrating the cheater liar loser Bill Belichick's defeat. (OK maybe I am just a teeny bit. Sorry, Jaci.)

But seriously, what was up with the commercials this year? Anyone else disappointed?

Too many ads about movies that won't hit theatres for another four months.

Too many commercials that poked fun at Asians. Screw you, Sales Genie. ::fist pump::

Yet I did have some favorites.

The Bud Light wine party ad was hilarious.

For good measure, you always have to choose a Clydesdale commercial.

And I heart Justin.

Plus, you gotta love the fact that Ben Roethlisberger got dissed by a custodian in the fourth quarter.

What about you? Did you watch?


  1. I love the talking stain. Others just felt too forced. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I liked the talking stain one too. But that moved down to number five on my list last night. To me, it's all about Justin Timberlake :)

  3. I liked the Coke commercials with the dueling floats and the one with James Carville hanging around DC. Those were cute.

  4. I have to admit I like the JT commercial the best. "Hey to you" is hilarious. I'll probably use that line at a bar some night. By the way, seeing him straddling that mailbox and then being pulled into it makes any guy wince.


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