what's wrong with healthcare today

The phone rang last week. I didn't recognize the number.
"Hi is this Mom2Amara? This is your doctor's office. The doctor recommended surgery to you some time ago. Are you still interested in going through with the procedure?"
Was this a joke?

I calmly asked the woman on the other line why I waited half a year for their office to call.


I explained this wasn't the first time my requests went unnoticed.

No response.

See, six months ago, my doctor said his people would call my people. I needed surgery.

And I waited.

This wasn't the first time the nurses and assistants neglected to call. In the past, I would have to pester his office about his orders.

No call ever came. And my health declined.

So I went to someone else. Within four days, I was scheduled to go under the knife.

My doctor may have seen me as more than a patient. But his office saw me as just a number.

Is that what's wrong with healthcare today?

Forget the sky rocketing costs. (I'll save that for another post.)

Why do so many medical professionals employ office staff who have daggers through their hearts and could care less for the patients?

I may be the only woman in America to say this: I heart my OB-GYN.

I've gone to this doctor for years.

He delivered Amara.

So I had to be loyal.


Then I realized, no. I don't have to be loyal. I don't have to stay with this doctor just because.

I have to take care of me. Take care of my family.

Because nothing else matters.

Sorry about the rant. There, I feel better now.


  1. I am sorry your experience was rotten. But it isn't just Health Care (and certainly not all - their are some wonderful caregivers & office staffs - they are just hidden amongst so many lousy ones). Customer Service is an art and unfortunately it seems to be losing ground to computer technology & the bottom line.

  2. How frustrating! I might have flipped out on them. I was so happy when my doctor changed practices. It is 40 minutes away (in traffic)but well worth it. I am treated like a person and not just a Health Care card! Hell I even made an appt the day before my wedding back home b/c i didnt want to switch doctors while living in Ohio.

  3. Oh no, are you leaving Dr. S.??! I love him as well, I was actually sad when my monthly appointments with him ended after highmaintenancebaby was born! But I do have to say you're right, his office staff, not the best, only one person finally took me serious when I lost 20 pounds during the first few months of my pregnancy & helped me with my FMLA papers.

  4. Dang it! You just empowered me to say 'bye-bye' to my GP. I'm still waiting too for the phone call from her office to set up my Pulmonary Function Test. Uh, that was last March. To her office staff I'm simply a "Do You have A Copay" and "Take a seat". Enough is enough.

  5. Susan -- you go girl. Waiting for a doctor's office to take you seriously is one of the most annoying things. They're playing roulette with your health. Not cool.

  6. HMM -- yes, leaving Dr. S. It makes me sad. But I get bitter thinking about his secretary and his nurses!

  7. It seems like every nice doctor has surly (and incompetent) front desk staff! This sounds a lot like my GYN. Boooo!!!!

  8. Good for you for bagging your horrible doc! If more of us did that, maybe they'd get the idea that they're actually running a business and that as consumers of that business, we have a choice!


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