who are the people in your neighborhood

Each week, Amara's preschool class has a theme. This week, they concentrated on community helpers.

They wrote thank you notes to our local law enforcement officers.

They learned about construction workers and nurses.

And they role played.

Would you trust this firefighter?

Or how about the tangled up dog walker?

By the way, that's Amara's dog Bruno. How she came up with the name Bruno, I haven't the slightest.

But my poor pet-adoring firefighter is not reading about community helpers today. She's home sick. Par for the course since I'm not yet cleared to return to work.

She has this nasty cold. I'll spare you the details of her boogers' consistency and color. Yes, it's that bad.

But it means we get to snuggle up on the sofa together...miserable.

How about you? Any weekend plans?


  1. Poor little one! I know how she feels....but how cute did she look as the firefighter & dog walker! Did she fall over in that big red coat?

  2. She can walk Billie Jean anytime she wants! Hopefully she wont bite/kill Bruno! hehe

    Feel better - not fun at all!

  3. Jax did a community helper and he got to choose.. guess who he choose to paint as the best community helper? THE CROSSING GUARD! Not much happens in our area, no need for police or firefighters... but always need a crossing guard! Get better both of you!

  4. Role Playing...I LIKE ROLE PLAYING!! The one where I'm the naughty videographer, tresspassing on private property...

    Ahem...sorry...I went some other place...

  5. My daughter named her new beta fish "Rosalina." Bruno is as good a name as any!

  6. I hope both mom and Amara feel better soon.


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